COVID-19 image
At BELATY the well-being and safety of both our Team Members and Customers is always our top priority. We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are taking precautionary measures in keeping our communities safe.
As an essential service to our customers, we are committed to best practices implementing to help preventing the spread of COVID-19 and to make sure we can provide a high level of service. We are taking the following measures to protect our Customers:

Our Team Members have been equipped with:
  • hand sanitizers
  • disinfectant wipes
  • masks
  • single-use gloves
  • boot covers
Team Members will be following the recommended safe social distance as suggested by the Public Health Agency of Canada
Staying up to date on Public Health Agency of Canada updates and following all guidance

At Belaty we would like to thank you for helping to keep our communities safe and for supporting one another as we navigate through this difficult time together.

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions specific to the current COVID-19 situation that our customers have inquired about. Please see the below questions and the answers.

Q. Is the technician equipped with masks and gloves?
A. Yes, our technicians have masks and gloves that can be worn upon customer request.

Q. Are the technicians taking precautions between customers to sanitize before entering my house?
A. Yes, our technicians are actively following all sanitizing and sanitary recommendations by the Public Health Authorities.

Q. Are technicians wearing booties?
A. Yes, our technicians wear protective footwear while in the home.

Q. Are the tools they are using sanitized in between use?
A. Our technicians have a disinfected process to prevent contamination's to all the tools and devices that are used in home.

Q. Are the technicians wiping down my unit after repair to ensure the virus is not transferred or should I?
A. The technicians are instructed to use disinfected wipes/sprays that are to be used in areas of the home where they make contact and are working.

Q. How long after my two week quarantine do I need to wait to be able to book a technician?
A. So long as you are out of quarantine and everyone in your house is healthy we can book a call for service.

Q. If the technician becomes ill does someone call me to inform me my appointment is cancelled?
A. Yes, you will be notified your appointment is cancelled by our technicians dispatch team.

Q. If a technician visits my house and later shows symptoms will I be notified to watch for symptoms?
A. Although we have taken every precaution to prevent this from ever occurring, should a technician show symptoms related to COVID-19 we would make contact with all appointments the technician had attended.